Command your mind

The world, yes, the world, is it a creation of your mind or is it an illusion? Or is it something that nature wants you to see?

Let’s understand our mind. First, the command you send to your mind – does it follow it? Answer is that it depends on the level of your confidence. If I command my mind that I want to raise my hand, – yes, it will work. My hand will be raised because I was fully confident. If you have decided to wake up at 5 a.m. for exercise or study the next day, some people will wake up at 5 but some not. The reason is that some people were sure and confident when they commanded their mind before going to sleep, but some were partially confident.

When I have to catch an early flight, I command myself that I have to wake up 3 hours earlier before the flight time because I have to reach the airport and do other formalities at the airport and I’ve never missed a flight. It happens with you, too. One day I told my friend “Please, wake me up at 6 a.m. as I have to catch a Train”. I commanded him but he didn’t command his mind and the result was I missed the train.

Now how the mind works. If I repeat daily that I want to be a billionaire, let’s say, for a year, trust me, just commanding that I will be a billionaire for a year will never work. So what’s now? For how many years should I command my mind to be a billionaire? Or how did it work which we’ve discussed in the second para above? Is there some other factor to be considered while commanding the mind?

I will answer all the questions. Firstly, when you command to raise your hand or wake up in the morning, it is something similar to the situation when you order a pizza in a restaurant and you get it. To be a billionaire you have to create a base, some other factors also matter. For example, to get food there is a certain process like to have all the necessary ingredients, following cooking steps. And trust me, the same quantity of ingredients for the same type of pizza may result in two different tastes from two different chefs.  So to be a billionaire you have to collect your ingredients first, means, what more things are required to command your mind in a sequential manner.  As your mind is not someone’s restaurant you trade with, to be a billionaire.  Then why when you command to raise your hand, the mind listens in a second? Because you were taught in your childhood how to walk and how to raise your hand etc., and your mind remembers how to raise your hand, and now it just follows its memory.


I would like to give an example of a very close friend of mine. When he was very young, one night he woke up suddenly and believed that the night would never end. Since then every night he thought that the next day would never come. However, he never commanded his mind to believe this. Then how did it happen? Let me explain. When you build a new house what do you do? You make a project on paper, then you buy materials to build, further specialists etc.  It takes months and years to move in. Same happened to my friend, but in his case he was building the belief of a never-ending night indirectly, not in known, maybe because of depression, maybe due to overthinking. Then he started commanding his mind that it was not true. He was convincing his mind with different ingredients. It took him one year to convince himself that the day would come after night. Finally he won. It happens with many people who have different kinds of phobia. It is not just a one-day command; you started building it indirectly or directly since long ago.

So trust me, when you’re commanding your mind there will be consequences in future. Karma works with our mind, too. Or in other words, what you seed you harvest in future. We can conclude, that the more confident your command the more chance your mind will make you act to reach your goal.


“The world is a stage, we are actors, nature is a judge, we are performing on the stage and the best performers will be awarded by nature’s judgement.”