Save Electricity with This Hand-made Candle Powered Air Heater

When it becomes unbearably cold at home, you will obviously think of using a radiator.Howerver you can save energy and electricity and make an air heater on your own. This simple yet geniusly designed device will help you to cut your electricity bill. WARNING: Do not place the heater on the flammable surfaces.

For this hand-made air heater you will need the following components:

  • two clay pots (flower pots): one big and one of smaller diameter;
  • one long bolt with two screw-nuts and three washers;
  • two-three bricks;
  • two-three candles;
  • a plate to place candles on it.

In the tutorial below you can watch how to make a heating device out of these items. And it will be a completely electricity-free heater!

How to make a candle powered air heater. Video tutorial

In 20 minutes, the temperature of the pot rises up to 70℃. It’s quite hot. It means that in a few hours the candle powered heater will fill your room with cosy warmth. You will save electricity and stay warm for FREE 🙂 Share this lifehack with your friends and they will obviously thank you.

Title photo: misadventuresmag