10 most unusual vehicles you could hardly imagine in your entire life

Is not it unusual vehicles?

1. A 2-in-1 hybrid. Motorbike-cum-car.
Choose any according to your mood and weather. You can change any time.
Motobike-cum-car. Side view.

Motobike-cum-car. Up-down view.

2. Time machine. Famous Delorean from “Back to the Future”
The father of this little girl takes her to school in this car every day. Schoolmates are left only with dreams to have a ride by famous filmy Delorean.
Time machine. Delorean from Back to the Future

3. Banana car
Like bananas? Don’t it this one when you see. It’s a real car. Probably the best option to have fun on vacations somewhere at the seaside.
Banana car

4. Motor boat car
Who told that cars can only go on highways and roads? This man has broken the stereotype.
Motor boat car

5. EVT, or Extraterrestrial Vehicle
Guess how it looked before transformation? Ready for the clue? Desiners took for its base a common Chevrolet Aveo.
Extraterrestrial vehicle. Front view.

Extraterrestrial vehicle. Back view.

6. House on wheels
Obviously the idea it borrowed from a common snail. Go anywhere, your house goes just with you.
House on wheels

7. Skydiving Bicycle
You are an obsessed bicycle fan? Travel around turning the pedals? What if you reach the end of the land? No problem. Go ahead and dive in the sky with this unusually modified bicycle.
Parachute bicycle

8. Ladies’ car
No comment :)))))
Shoe-shaped ladies' car

9. Cartoon head car
The creator of this bright cartoonic vehicle must be a great fan of animations and undoubtedly has a good sense of humour.
head car

10. Airplane car
If you are a good pilot but can’t afford a private plane, go for this one. At least enjoy on the ground.
Airplane on car