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11 self-isolation challenges during the coronavirus global quarantine

The novel coronavirus has locked everyone at home. And staying home has become a real challenge for most of us who could have never imaged a life limited by home walls. These days social media has turned not only into a window to the world but into a door, balcony, gate for peoplea. With countries locked down, some families became separated from each other but thanks to social media, messengers and internet on the whole we can stay connected.

For those who cannot do work from home in self-isolation every day may seem same, doesn’t matter what date or day of the week it is. However, the life on social media has not stopped. People are sharing coronavirus memes and launching different challenges to occupy their free time which has suddenly fallen on many of us during the coronavirus outbreak.  So, if you feel bored in self-isoaltion, just utilise your time by taking part in some quarantine challenges.

Here we have collected the most intersting, funny, weird and dagerous staying home challenges. Not all are recommended for taking part in. Dangerous challenges are included in order to warn you and prevent from taking up challenges without thinking.

#Travelpics #challenge #quiz

That is a very intersting game. You will get to know new places and your friends. In the time of lockdown let us take our friends on travelling around the world and our own country and city.

#Travelpics #challenge #quiz
Source: @kcharper613

#Dressup #challenge

This quarantine challenge is not only for girls, everyone can participate. Shake up yourself from the every day home routine and dress up!

Involve your mom and other family member in the activity. It can be fun.

Another version of this dressing up challenge. Choose your favourite music, dance and dress up at the same time. Be as creative as possible.

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Shortage of medical masks around the world has given birth to a hilarious challenge.

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#TieAScarf challenge

If you did not get the trick do NOT repeat it!


Now when we have finally stored enough of toillet paper rolls it is time to use it. Stay fit during the quarantine – take part in this toilet paper fitness challenge.

#SocksInBag challenge

Cannot go to the sports ground due to lockdown? There is a solution. Play this new sport right t your home. Equipment is simple and is available in any household: a hanger, a pair of socks and a plastic bag.

#FingerFitness challenge

It is not as easy as it may seem. Try it yourself.


Pets are not left behind in this challenge boost during the coronavirus quarantine.


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Choose your favourite movie and try to dress up like the hero/ heroine. Nominate your friends to continue the thread.


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Movie character fashion challenge 🎥🎞🤦‍♀️ now how to solve a problem like Maria ❓⁉️ and I did my best to Emulate the amazing @julieandrews from the #soundofmusic 🎼🎹🎧🎞🎥 all from bits and pieces found in the back of my wardrobe going back years ago and yes it did bring me back to wonderful times and beautiful moments as clothes can transport 💫⚡️⚡️you to another place 🇺🇸 another time ⏰another world 🌎 lift your spirit and change your mood 💯 I have been singing around the house all day and now I need a much earned 🥂 before the fever sets in as it’s Saturday night🕺🕺 #movie #challenge #challengeaccepted #soundofmusic #julieandrews #character #legend #styleinspo #fashionista #backofthewardrobe #dressingup #littlewomen

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#BetweenArtandQuarantine #challenge

Till now this is my favourite challenge. Imitating famous paintings. Approaches vary from the very close to the original to hilarious and sarcastic parodies.

#ArtQuarantine #imitation Mona Lisa challenge
Source: @daniele_miso
#ArtQuarantine #imitation Edward Munch Scream
Source: @ellacanary67
#BetweenArtandQuarantine challenge
Source: @memorantia

The following one is just a masterpiece of coronavirus time.

#BetweenArtandQuarantine Portrait of a woman by Picasso
Source: @Marina46205335

#Cornavirus #challenge – DO NOT TAKE PART IN IT

This is a most dangerous and stupid challenge during the quarantine time. People were taking selfies and videos of them licking toilet seats. This is harmful and we stand against such silly activities. Here is a result of one “influencer” taking part in the challenge which lead him right to hospital. Please, before doing something think twice, thrice, seven times. Remember, your health is more important than popularity.

Coronavirus dangerous challenge
Source: @DolarToday

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