Sanjay Gandhi National Park in Mumbai (HD Wallpapers)

Sanjay Gandhi National Park in Mumbai is previously known as Borivali national park and is located in Borivali, north part of Mumbai. The Park occupies a huge territory of over 100 sq. km. It is a popular place among the local people for morning and evening jogging, spending time with family and friends over a weekend picnic.

Nature of Sanjay Gandhi National Park in Mumbai offers a rich variety of all kinds of green plants and flowers. Giant trees seems to make a shelter for people who come here to escape from the concrete jungle heat and merciless sun rays.

In Sanjay Gandhi National Park you can ride a catamaran in the lake, or take a trip on a train that will run all over the park making stops in the most picturesque places of the park.

Taking its history in 4 century BC, Sanjay Gandhi National Park is a home for ancient Kanheri caves that can be also found on its territory. The sightseeing attract numerous tourist especially followers of Buddhism as the place is known for important Buddhist sculptures and other archaeological items.

It is better to visit Sanjay Gadhi National Park in the morning and enjoy its Nature and cultural heritage to the fullest all the day long. It is worth it.

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