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Mosquitoes to select most tasty female at Russian Mosquito Festival

Mosquitoes to select most tasty female at Russian Mosquito FestivalIn the Russian town of Berezniki (Perm region) mosquitoes are going to select the most tasty female during the Russian Mosquito Festival. The event will take place from July 17 to July 19, 2015.

The competition “The most tasty girl” will be held among the females who assert that insects love them alot. One of the organizers of the Russian Mosquito Festivals says that the winner will be awarded with a prize.

The participants will be selected from the candidates. “The selected females will have to spend 20 minutes dressed just in shorts and light tops. After that the expert jury including a medical person will examine the female bodies. The winner will be the female who has got the maximum number of mosquito bites,” one of the organizers of the festival, Natalia Paramonova, says.

The Russian Mosquito Festival is organized by the non-commercial partnership “Social Project”. The funds are collected from the businesses, and from the rent of the places given to trading units and ad banners at the event. During the Russian Mosquito Festival along with “The most tasty girl” there will be held some more odd contests: children fashion contest “Edgy dress”, song contest and a sport competition for the kids who have overcome the serious disease of cancer. There will be also  a contest for caching mosquitoes. The person who caches more mosquitoes will be the winner.

Last year the Russian Mosquito Festival had to be cancelled due to unfavourable weather conditions. And the first Russian Mosquito Festival was held in 2013 in the town of Usolye in Perm region.

Source: Lenta