Personality and Eating Habits: Shocking Scientific Facts

Scientists: Our personality decides our eating behaviour

Personality and eating habits. Shocking scientific factsRecently scientists have discovered an amazing fact. Our personality influences how much and what we eat. The new study on eating behaviour has been published in the Appetite journal. It throws light on the fact what personal traits make us to choose healthy and unhealthy food. It occurred that conscientious people tend to a more healthy diet than neurotic ones.

The study conducted involved over 1000 participants including students and elder people with average age 55. Conscientious students had more healthy habits not only in food but in life as well. Most of them didn’t smoke and always fast the seat belt in the car. They often chose to eat fruit and vegetables. Neurotic people, on the contrary, preferred to eat unhealthy food with lots of calories. Moreover due to their impulsiveness such people risk to overeat. Thus, they gain extra weight.

The surprising discovery concerns extrovert personalities. It is well-known that extroverts have good reputation among the society. People like openness and social persons. However, extroverts often perform unhealthy eating behaviour. Such people usually have lots of friends. They are always surrounded by others. Scientists point out that while eating in a company, a person tends to eat and drink more and to choose unhealthy food.

“It might be that the higher sociability of extroverted people results in having more meals with other people and, therefore, eating foods that are not healthy.”

Scientist advice to extroverts to control themselves when being in a group of people. This can decrease the risk of unhealthy eating. On the whole, the study emphasizes the importance of good personality traits. Positive character qualities are able to significantly improve our life, way of life and healthy diet in particular.