Most simple and tasty Russian summer salad (Photo recipe)

Most simple and tasty Russian summer salad

It is summer time. And while creative artists are making amazing edible landscapes from fresh fruit and vegetables, we have an opportunity to improve our health with a healthy vegetable diet. This is a most simple vegetable salad made in Russia when summer comes. Try it and treat your family and friends. It cannot leave anyone indifferent.

The salad is good for those who want to loose some weight. Just use vegetable oil or olive oil instead of mayonnaise. It is good for health to have it for dinner as an independent meal or for lunch. For more proteins, you may add a boiled egg. Lettuce

Summer salad. Ingredients

Summer salad ingrediets

For 2 persons:
– cucumber – 1 piece (medium sized);
– tomato – 1 piece;
– reddish – 3 pieces;
– bell pepper – 1/4;
– dill;
– lettuce;
– spring onion;
– salt – according to your taste;
– mayonnaise or vegetable or olive oil – 1-2 table spoons.

Summer salad. How-to-make steps

Step 01

Step 01. Cut the onion1. Cut one cucumber along into two halves.
2. Cut each half along into two halves.
3. Cut into thin slices (as shown on the photo).

Step 02

Summer salad. Step 02Cut the dill.

Step 03

Summer salad. Step 031. Cut each reddish into to halves.
2. Cut reddish halves into thin slices.

Step 04

Summer salad. Step 04Cut the spring onion as shown on the photo.

Step 05

Summer salad. Step 05Cut 1/4 of bell pepper as shown on the photo.

Step 06

Summer salad. Step 06Cut one tomato in cubicles as shown on the photo

Step 07

Summer salad. Step 07Cut the lettuce leaves

Step 08

Summer salad. Step 08Put all the cut ingredients in a bowl or a deep plate.
Add salt according to your taste.
Add mayonnaise or vegetable or olive oil.
Mix everything.

Step 09. Serving

Summer salad. Step 10 servingServe the salad cold on a plate. Summer salad can be served as appetizer or be accompanied with potato meals.