14 Most Creative and Weird Christmas Trees 2019-2020

#6. Agar plate Christmas tree

Agar plate Christmas tree

#5. Wine should never go to waste…

Wine bottle tree

#4. Red chilli pepper Christmas tree

For hot spice lovers…

Red chilli pepper Christmas tree

#3. Glass New Year tree

Glass New Year tree

#2. Broccoli Christmas tree

Cauliflower and apples have made an interesting decoration for this “ever green” evegetable beauty.

Broccoli Christmas tree

#1.  Russian Auchan’s pallet tree

What is it: modern abstract art or …?!

Russian Auchan's pallet tree


At some places you just have to use your imagination to see New Year tree in ordinary things. This is the case of the Russian Baikonur Cosmodrome, space centre “Yuzhny”. Given the holiday atmosphere, the green construction behind the people really reminds of a tree.

Roscosmos New Year tree