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How to Grow Lotus at Home

Lotus is known as a symbol of purity. In many spiritual practices it is believed that lotus cleans people’s aura and has a benefiial effect on human health.

Every evening lotus flower closes and goes back under the water. In the morning it comes out again and opens its lepels which remain dry.

Dried lotus stamens can be used in tea.

Lotus seeds

Where to get lotus seeds?

Lotus seeds are available in online stores. For instance, we got ours on here.

Pre-planting procedure

  1. Take a lotus seed and rub it with a knife or sand paper from one side (the one with a little pit) until you see a white part.
    Rub your lotus seed with a knife from this side
    Rub your lotus seed with a knife from this side
  2. Take a tall glass with water and put the seed in it. (The seed should drown.*)
  3. Change water every 24 hours.
  4. In 2-3 days you will see a stem appearing from the seed.
  5. When the stem becomes 1/2 foot long – it’s time to plant the seed in the soil.

Grown lotus seeds

*You may need several lotus seeds as not all of them turn out to be fertile. If a seed swims up on the surface of the water, it will not give a stem, such seed is infertile.

Planting lotus

For planting lotus in home conditions you will need a tub or any basin-like container and a smaller bowl for soil. To plant the lotus seed with a grown stem follow the steps below:

  1. Fill the tub or your basin-like container with water.
  2. Fill the smaller bowl with soil.
  3. Put the seed inside the soil at the depth of around one inch.
  4. Slowly plunge the bowl in the tub with water.

First you will see leaves coming out from soil. Flowers will appear in 2-3 months. So keep patient during the wait time and take care of your lotus plant.

Lotus leaves in 1 month after planting
Lotus leaves in 1 month after planting

You may need to change the water as it becomes bad. The regularity depends on the water quality. It can be once a month or so.

How to change water

  1. Take the bowl with your lotus out of the water. Do it slowly in order not keep the plant safe. Put it aside.
  2. Clean the tub and fill it with fresh water.
  3. Slowly plunge in the bowl with your lotus.

Title photo by jigsawstocker