Hilarious notes of a girl who wants to lose weight

Image means a lot for today’s society. Slim figures are standards 90-60-90 have been heavily promoted worldwide for decades. Though today fashion is quiet flexible, the people’s mentality is very hard to change. Modern young girls and women at times become too obsessed about their weight. This obsession may  reach the level of ridiculous nonsense. Running after glamour magazine advising how to keep fit, women try all the possible ways to become slimmer, thinner, lighter…

The common craze of losing weight is now deeply rooted in women’s life and mind. Here is a collection of notes reflecting to what extremes this weight loss mania can lead a person. If you recognize yourself at least in one of these quotes, it is time to change something in your life. Dream big, weight loss should not become your lifetime purpose. For now, enjoy the present moment!

Slimming tea

Lack of sleep causes overweight. Not pastries!!!

I've been made for sport :)

Blaming my legs and feet