Happy International Eskimo Pie Day!

Happy International Eskimo Pie (Fudgesicle) Day! Yes, today the whole world celebrates the day of ice-cream on a stick. The date for the holiday was not established just like that. It was exactly on January 24, 1920 when a candy store owner Christian Nelson obtained a patent for a new form of ice-cream.


The first ice-cream covered in melted chocolate came to candy shops under the name of “I-Scream Bars”. Later Nelson signed an agreement with a known chocolate producer Russel C. Stover. From then on an unusual ice-cream has been produced under the trademark “Eskimo Pie”.

Ice-cream has become a symbol of happy time spent in childhood. In summer heat Eskimo pies save billions of people by cooling them down. This ice-cream also charges us with energy and raises our mood.

Let’s celebrate this holiday and stay positive!


Photo: drumstick