Delicious mix fruit salad with ice-cream (Photo recipe)

Delicious mix fruit salad with ice-cream

This fruit salad will be good for festive tables. You can put in its ingredients any fruit you have with soft taste.  Cut them in small pieces so you can enjoy the combination of ingredients. Proportion does not matter much. Put everything according to your taste and preferences. If you don’t like sweetness, you may use yoghurt without flavour.

Remember, fruit is always better to eat fresh. This mix fruit salad is just another way to entertain our stomach and treat guests with something delicious.


Fruit salad ingrediets
Fruit salad ingrediets

For 3 persons:
banana -1 piece;
apple – 1 piece;
mandarin orange – 1 piece;
grapes (preferably without seeds) – around 100-120 grams;
berries (here we use blueberries) – 1/4 glass;
yoghurt with peach flavour – 125 grams;
sugar – 1 tea spoon;
water – 1-1.5 tea spoon.

Step 01. Apple

Step Apple 01

1. Take one apple.
2. Cut it in two halves.
3. Take out the middle part with seeds.

Step Apple 02

4. Cut the apple halves in cubicles. Follow the steps shown on the photo above.
5. Put the apple cubicles in a deep plate.

Step Apple 03

6. Add one tea spoon of sugar. Spread it over the cut apple.
7. Add one full tea spoon of water.
8. Put the plate with apple into the microwave oven for 5 min.
9. When it is ready, let it stay there and cool down till another step.

Step 02. Grapes

Step Grapes

1. Take grapes. It’s better if you have grapes without seeds. You will save a lot of time.
2. Cut every step in two halves.
3. If you have grapes with seed, take seeds out carefully from every half.
5. If you have small grapes, let it be cut in two halves. If you have big grapes like we have here on the photo, cut every half in two halves again.
6. Put grapes into a serving plate.

Step 03. Berries

Step Berries

Add berries (here blueberries) to the grapes in the serving plate.

Step 04. Mandarin Orange

Step Mandarin Orange

1. Cut every slice of your mandarin orange into 3-4 pieces.
2. Add everything to the serving plate, where you already have grapes and berries.

Step 05. BananaStep Banana

1. Remove the banana skin.
2. Cut banana along into four parts.
3. Cut the banana parts into thin slices as shown on the photo.
4. Add the cut banana into the serving plate to the rest fruit.

Step 06. Apple returns

Step Apple returns

Add cooled baked apple pieces to the cut fruit.

Step 07. Yoghurt

Step Add Yoghurt

Add peach flavoured yoghurt just before the serving and mix all.

Step 08. Serving

Step Serving

The fruit salad can be served as dessert. Ice-cream will make a good companion to it.
Enjoy your meal!