Cutest yawning animals you’ve ever seen: it’s contagious(!)

Cutest yawning animals you've ever seen: it's contagiousThese cute yawning animals will win your heart and smile. But be careful! These lovely yawning photos are contagious. By the way, did you know that because of its contagious quality even our pets being exposed to our yawning start to yawn.

During yawning we enrich our brain and body with necessary oxygen. Yawning helps to overcome stresses, decrease mental load, and get rid of tiredness. It is scientifically proved that yawning is a very healthy habit. So enjoy this useful activity together with these cute yawning animals.

Yawning squirrel

Yawning squirrelSource: japanesesearch

Yawning baby hedgehog

Yawning baby hedgehogSource: petsimages

Yawning owl

Yawning owlSource: onemillionpicture

Yawning seal

Yawning sealSource: boredbug

Yawning polar bear

Yawning polar bearSource: lafox

Yawning mouse

Yawning mouseSource: i1012

Yawning mountain viscacha

Yawning mountain viscachaSource: hdwallpapers

Yawning hippo

Yawning hippoSource: zastavki

Yawning kitten

Yawning kittenSource: widefon

Yawning frog

Yawning frogSource: 3.bp.blogpost

Yawning lion

Yawning lionSource: bottlesandbaubles

Yawning fox

Yawning foxSource: roeselienraimond

Yawning foxSource: 4.b.blogspot

Yawning turtle

Yawning turtleSource: imgur

Yawning dog

Yawning dogSource: imgur

Yawning giraffe

Yawning giraffeSource: imgur