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A Russian she-cat rescued an abandoned baby

A cat named Mashka rescued an abandoned baby from freezing in one of Russia’s cities. The fluffy animal has immediately earned respect and fame with internet users and leading media from all over the world.

The 2-month-old baby was left in a carton box on a staircase in a block flat house. In the box there were also clothes, a pack of diapers, a bottle with baby food. The poor little thing was found by a woman living in the house. She happened to be a nurse and called the ambulance. The woman says that she found the baby in the box and the cat was sitting near the child, warming him, licking and loudly mewing as if crying for help.

Cat Masha rescues an abandoned baby

Arrived doctors took the baby to hospital. Having examined him, they stated that his health is not in danger. The new soul was considered as a healthy and well-developing child. The local police announced the mother of the abandoned baby in search. if she does not appear and is not found, adoption service will find a loving family for the baby.

Meanwhile the cat-rescuer’s photos were published by the leading media channels, portals and newspapers, including the British The Mirror and The Daily Mail, american New York Times and Washington Post.