80-year-old Indian villager builds a replica of Taj Mahal in his garden

An 80-year-old Indian has built a scaled replica of Taj Mahal that cost him all his life savings. The villager, Faizul Hasan Quadri, erected the mausoleum to the tribute of his deceased wife Tajamulli. They were happily married for 53 years. And following the tradition started by old-time kings, the man decided to built a mini Taj Mahal as a symbol of his love to his late wife.

The pensioner spent three years and almost $170 000 for the building of an 8-metre Taj Mahal and some decorations around it. He also made a small pond near the mini mausoleum. The modern Shah Jahan said that the first $92000 he got from selling his land plot. Next $15000 were realized from selling his wife’s golden and silver jewellery.

The structure is built on my own land and I have also tried to plant some trees around it and have a small body of water at the back side of the building, he said.

Now when the construction is ready, the only things that is left is finishing the walls inside and outside with marble. However, according to  Mr. Quadri, it will require extra $100 000. The man admits that the “work has been held up  due to finances”. Co-villagers and even government approached the dedicated pensioner offering him financial support. The man politely rejected any help.

A number of people have offered me financial help but I have refused to accept so far. This is my personal endeavour for my late wife so I should do this on my own.

Real Tak Mahal vs. Replica of Taj Mahal by a 80-year-old villager
Source: Mirror
Real Taj Mahal vs. Replica of Taj Mahal by a 80-year-old villager

As for the government help, the man said that it was better if the government invested in building a school in his small village of Kaser Kalan in the northern Indian state of Uttar Pradesh.