21 Most Odd and Useless Inventions in Life

1. Anti-theft Lunch Bag
Those artificial spots make the food inside seem spoiled and disgusting. None would like to have it.

2. Umbrella Shoes
Keep your shoes dry in rain.
Umbrella shoes

3. Two-way Toothpaste Pack
Perfect for those who doesn’t like to leave something inside.
Two-way toothpaste pack

4. Two-person sweatshirt
For those who are made for each other.
two-person sweatshirt

5. Subway Sleeper Devices
The uselessness of such devices may be arguable if it takes too much time for anyone to get to and from work.
Subway sleeper devices

6. Solar Cigarette Lighter
Modern lifestyle is against bad habits such as smoking which kills human’s health and nature.
Solar cigarette lighter

7. Rotating Ice-cream Cone
An inbuilt motor rotates the ice-cream in the cone so you do not bother of doing this by hands in order to eat the ice-cream equally from each side.
Motorized ice-cream cone

8. Privacy Scarf
Keep others away from your personal screen.
Privacy scarf

9. Picnic Pants
Why to take any cover for a picnic, just put on the picnic pants and you are ready for the green party :)))
Picnic pants

10. Noddle Fan
Cooling down your noodles on the way to your mouth.
Noodle fan

11. Lipstick Application Mask
No mirror? No problem. Use the mask and apply the lipstick perfectly on your lips.
lipstick application mask

12. High Heels on Wheels
Ehmmm… teach yourself balance?!
High heels on the wheels

13. On-Head Mounted Toilet Paper Dispanser
For those who are extremely suffering from running nose…
On-head mounted toilet paper dispenser

14. Hamster-Cage Shredder
Instant use of discarded papers
hamster cage shredder

15. Gold Fish Walker
Fish is also a pet. It also needs fresh air to breathe!
goldfish walker

16. Dinner Utensils cum Pen Caps
Specially for office people 😉

17. Diet Water
What?! I knew ordinary water contained too much fat…
Diet water

18. Broom-and-dustpan slippers
A kit for lazy housewives.
broom-and-dustpan slippers

19. Barefoot Shoes
If you enjoy walking barefoot but people look at you as you are a frick, just put on these barefoot shoes to avoid those strange glances.
Barefoot shoes

20. Baby mop combo
Your baby will help you to clean the floor, just put these clothes on your cutie and see the result.

Baby mop clothes

21. Apple Sweater
Didn’t you know apples felt cold too?!
Apple sweater