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World’s oldest person lives in Russia

The world’s oldest person lives in Russia. A 120-year-old woman, Tanzilya Bisembeeva,  from the Astrakhan region in Russia has recently been recognized as the world’s oldest person. On May 12, 2016 her achievement was entered to Russia’s Record Book. The woman celebrated her 120th anniversary  on March 14, 2016.

Tanzilya Bisembeeva lives in the village of Islamgazy with the family of her youngest son. The woman has three sons, 10 grandchildren, 24 great granschildren and two great great grabdchildren. She was married two times. The first husband of hers perished during Russia’s Great Patriotic War. Their child also died in babyhood. The woman married for the second time. At the age of 53, 54 and 57 she gave birth to her children.

Tanzilya and her relatives say that she had never visited doctors before she turned 100 years old. After the centenial anniversary the woman underwent surgery on her eyes to improve her eyesight. Although she does not go outside nowadays, Tanzilya freely moves around the house on her own and is able to do all the necessary daily activities. The woman has also saved vivid interest to the world’s news and events happening in Russia and other countries.

Talking about the secret of longevity , the family point out that their mom and grandma has no bad habits, she follows a healthy diet which consists of only natural products. Tanzilya Bisembeeva is also described as a very positive person by her family members. They point out that the woman is always occupied with some activity, she cannot sit still doing nothing .