Tomorrowland (2015): Trailer & Film Review

Tomorrowland’s Special Look

Movie – Tomorrowland (Tomorrowland: A World Beoyond; TomorrowWorldin some European countries)
Year – 2015
Director – Brad Bird
Screenplay writers – Damon Lindelof, Brad, Bird
Cast – George Clooney, Britt Robertson, Hugh Laurie, Raffey Cassidy, Tim McGraw, Kathryn Hahn, Keegan-Micheal Key
Country of origin – USA
Language – English
Release date – May 22, 2015

Tomorrowland is a Walt Disney’s family epic science fiction adventure. It is directed by two-time Oscar Winner Brad Bird, and written by Damon Lindelof along with the film director. Academy Award-winner, George Clooney, is a “cherry on the top of the cake”. He stars in Tomorrowland with a young actress  Britt Robinson. The movie also involves Hugh Laurie, Raffey Cassidy, Tim McGraw, Kathryn Hahn, and  Keegan-Micheal Key. Tomorrowland unveils an imaginary world where nothing is impossible. It is located somewhere in time and space in an alternative dimension and affects all what is happening in the real world of common people.


Tomorrowland story is about everything. It covers themes from the relationships between elders and youngsters, technological progress and disillusionment, love and friendship, betrayal and trust. The story is build up around two persons – an elder former genius, resentful Frank Walker (George Clooney) who has become way worn by disillusionment, and a young teenage girl, Casey Newton, gifted with a quick scientific mind. Both are put up together by the unknown mysterious hand of fate. They are to complete an ultimately important mission of saving the world by changing it and unveiling the secrets of enigmatic Tomorrowland, the world where everything already exists, the world totally perfect where technology is developed to its maximum possible point, the secret place hidden in the Disneyland…

Official Tomorrowland’s Teaser Trailer in US

The ways of Frank and Casey cross when the teenage girl finds a mysterious pin with T letter on it. Whenever she touches it, the pin transports her to an unknown place. It happens in a second, just the whole world around changes. To learn the secret of the pin, Casey starts to search for its owner. Eventually she finds out that it was belong to Frank Walter. She convinces resentful Frank to take her to and show the mysterious Tomorrowland, the perfect world of the future that is present in today.

It happens that Casey is chosen by Tomorrowland. She is the one who is able to save the real world from the upcoming tragedy caused by a villain. As the story progresses, Casey and Frank discover things hidden not only in Tomorrowland but in themselves as well. The change in personality is one of the key themes of the movie.

Official Tomorrowlands’ Trailer #2

Message and impressions

Violence, cruelty, heartlessness of modern world are dragging the humanity in a huge black hole. People should stop unless it is too late. Irrational decisions that lead to wars and murders are killing the “tomorrow of the today”. We need to join hands, unite our spirits and give a strong blow to all the negative things, events and groups. We should open our eyes and souls to the harmony by accepting and understanding the variety of cultures, traditions, religions and ways of thinking. The progress is possible only if our intentions are good and the ways to realize our dreams are free from selfishness and egoism.

The story of Tomorrowland has reminded me ‘The NeverEnding Story’ where little boy Bastian was chosen to save the imaginary world of Fantasia. Unlike ‘The Neverending Story’ where the camera captures a lot of fantastic natural landscapes, the technologically developed world of Tomorrowland offers the viewer all the possible technological devices, equipment, transport, buildings and even people that a person can ever imagine.

I would say that Tomorrowland is The NeverEnding story told in a modern way. Tomorrowland promises to be an excellent family attractive, captivating , mysterious and breathtaking story that is strongly recommended to all ages. It is coming to cinema halls on May 22, 2015. Have a great time with a great picture story!

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