Taiwan’s man died after playing computer games continuously for 3 days


In Taiwan a man was found dead in one of internet cafes. Till his last breath he was playing computer games for three days continuously.

The 32-year-old gamer was spotted by the staff of the internet cafe. Lying motionless at the computer the lifeless body was not notices by anyone for a while. Visitors and employees first thought that he had just fallen asleep. In some time a worker approached the gamer to check and was shocked. He discovered that the customer had stopped breathing.  The worker later told media and police about the dead man known by the name of Hsieh:

Hsieh was a regular customer here and always played for consecutive days. When tired, he would sleep face-down on the table or doze off slumped in his chair. That is why we were not aware of his condition in the beginning.

The breathless body was immediately taken to the hospital. However the doctors had nothing to declare but the death of the gamer. The diagnosis says “sudden death from prolonged computer gaming”.

Doctors warn other gamers to make breaks every hour while playing.


Source and photo: The Mirror