Eurovision 2015 song contest: vote with pure heart tonight

Eurovision 2015 song contest: vote with pure heart tonightThis year Eurovision song contest celebrates its 60th anniversary. Media worldwide calls it the most unpredictable song contest. Well, it maybe so. However the tendency is still based on politics. Countries are giving the highest points to their neighbours. From year to year it becomes a kind of tradition. The most influential country on international political arena wins. What do songs have to do with politics? Why not just to vote for the song and performance you really liked?!

Tonight all Europe and this year Australia as well gets another opportunity to get rid of politics and give a fair vote for the favourite singer at Eurovision. Music should have no boundaries. It should be pure. Just music, voice and lyrics. Here religion, nationality, language and other differences do not matter. So let’s vote with our pure heart without regard to any other aspect that has no any relation to the music.

Yes, it helps to earn great international respect to a Eurovision winning country, but the victory should be fair and sincere, shouldn’t it?

The list of countries passed to the Final of Eurovision 2015 in Vienna, Austria

Country Singer/Band Song title Running order
Slovenia Maraaya “Here for you” 1
France Lisa Angell “N’oubliez pas” 2
Israel Nadav Guedj “Golden Boy” 3
Estonia Elina Born & Stig Rästa “Goodbye to Yesterday” 4
United Kingdom Electro Velvet “Still In Love” 5
Armenia Genealogy “Face The Shadow” 6
Lithuania Monika & Vaidas “This Time” 7
Serbia Bojana Stamenov “Beauty Never Lies” 8
Norway Mørland & Debrah Scarlett “A Monster Like Me” 9
Sweden Måns Zelmerlöw “Heroes” 10
Cyprus John Karayiannis “One Thing I Should Have Done” 11
Australia Guy Sebastian “Tonight Again” 12
Belgium Loïc Nottet “Rhythm Inside” 13
Austria The Makemakes “I Am Yours” 14
Greece Maria Elena Kyriakou “One Last Breath” 15
Montenegro Knez “Adio” 16
Germany Ann Sophie “Black Smoke” 17
Poland Monika Kuszyńska “In The Name Of Love” 18
Latvia Aminata Savadogo “Love Injected” 19
Romania Voltaj “De La Capăt / All Over Again” 20
Spain Edurne “Amanecer” 21
Hungary Boggie “Wars For Nothing” 22
Georgia Nina Sublatti “Warrior” 23
Azerbaijan Elnur Huseynov “Hour Of The Wolf” 24
Russia Polina Gagarina “A Million Voices” 25
Albania Elhaida Dani “I’m Alive” 26
Italy Il Volo “Grande Amore” 27

Source: Eurovision World