Dog Lemon helps its owners doing chores around garden

An amazing dog named Lemon lives in the Omsk region of Russia. It has become a BIG star among internet users all over the world. The dog has learnt to help his owners to do chores around the garden. It goes to the water pump to collect water in the bucket, helps to plant potatoes and to harvest in autumn. Being a highbred pet (Lemon is pure-blooded Giant Schnauzer), Lemon has proved that his noble origin is not the reason to spend time nothing doing.

Lemon started to show his unusual talent at a very young age. He was under one year old. First he began to carry buckets following us in the potato field. Later he liked to walk with us to the water pump. He even learnt himself to get water from the pump pressing the handle with his fore feet and standing on the hindfeet, his owner Alexander Matytsyn says.

The family has in their possession a field of 2 and a suddenly awaken talent of a dog-helper was welcomed with delight. Taking care of Lemon’s health, the owner had to modify some garden tools. For instance, the bucket handler is now wrapped in ribbon to protect the dog’s teeth.

In winter lemon helps to bring logs to the bath house and pulls sledges with kids so they have fun riding on winter snow. The best award for Lemon is to ride a car with his owner.

Recently, the amazing dog has become a father. Cute puppies were taken to a new family. The people hope that Lemon’s kids have inherited at least a part of the talent of their helpful father.