Court restricted French parents to give their newly born daughters “foody” names

French couples were banned to name their baby girls after foodIn France two couples gave foody names to their newly born daughters. One baby girl was named Nutella after a famous chocolate hazelnut spread and the other one – Fraise which literally means Strawberry. The two cases happened in the city of Valenciennes in the north east of the country.

When the married couples tried to register their babies’ names in the corresponding authority, the employees raised their eyebrows high. They addressed court with a complaint against young parent and a demand to make them immediately change the “foody” names for common ones.

At last the court decided that unusual names would create problems for the grown-up girls in future. In particular, they could become victims of mockery from the side of their future school mates. Both parent couples were made to change the names. Nutella was advised to be turned into Ella. However parents intend to keep Nutella as a home nickname to their dear girl.

Little Fraise got a more common name – Fraisine which had been popular in 19th century. It is not known whether the two couples knew each other or giving “foody” names is becoming a new fashion among modern parents.