Blue is the most favourite colour around the world

Blue colour is the world's most favouriteScientist have already proved that colour can influence and change our mood, eating habits and even helps to overcome some illnesses and health disorders. The British portal YouGov recently has conducted a survey on the world’s favourite colour. People from 10 countries in all the five continents took part in it. According to the results, blue was recognized as the most favourite colour in all the participated countries.

Respondents from the Great Britain proved to be the biggest fans of the blue colour. It got here 33% of all votes. The least number of votes for blue came from Indonesia. Here only 25% of respondent voted for blue. The unity of agreement on the blue as the most favourite colour was divided as for distributing places to other colours.

In Britain, Germany, Singapore and Indonesia the silver was given to the red colour. US, China, and Thailand voted for the green colour coming after blue. Hong-Kong chose purple to take the silver. In Australia and Malaysia the second place was shared by red and purple.

The authors of the survey noticed that blue got more votes from male respondents than from female. For instance, in the US and Britain 40% of men voted for blue, while it was stated as the most favourite colour only for 24% and 27% females respectively.

YouGov does not mention the overall size of the audience that took part in the survey. However, it was said that the US sample size amounted to 998, and Britain’s respondents were 1592.

Results of the survey on world's favourite colour