AP-PEEL-ING fashion: shoes, bags, wallets made from apple peel

Hong-Kong based design company Life Green Ltd. has introduced an ap-peel-ing trend in fashion. They produce men’s and women’s fashionable items like shoes, wallets, lady’s bags and laptop bags from regular apple peel.

The company has a branch in Milan, Italy, where they turn apple waste to the eco-friendly leather-like material. They receive apple peel from factories in Bolzano (nothern Italy) which produce apple juce. Before, the apples were peeled and the waste was burnt. Now it’s became useful.

“For a long time the waste materials were burnt, resulting in the atmosphere and soil being polluted. The purpose of our research and development has been to make leather-like materials that are more environmentally friendly and make everyone’s life greener. Mankind has made various products which cause serious pollution all over the world. We want to do our best to protect the environment and our earth for the benefit of the next generation, Life Green Ltd.’s Head of Design and Production, Henry Hong says.

It takes around two months to make leather-like material from apple peel and then fashion items are produce from it. Looking at these stunning products hardly anyone will be able to guess that they are made of apple waste.

Today the company offers lady’s bags and backpacks, women’s and men’s shoes and wallets, laptop backs equipped with a USB charger which makes the use of portable devices convenient on the go.

Apple peel laptop equipped with a USB charger Apple peel men's wallet Apple peel women's wallet

Life Green is planning to widen the range of ‘ap-peel-ing’ products by adding sofa and chair covers. Mr. Hong hopes that Life Green’s products will help to brings our daily life closer to nature. The company initiated a fund-raising project on Kickstarter. The target amount to be collected is $80,000. The money will be invested into mass production of eco-friendly items made from apple peel.

Based on: Mirror